CTE’s promise: ‘Everything you learn in this class prepares you’

Career and Technical Education (CTE) is one of LCPS’s most forward looking programs, not simply because it has its foundation in project-based learning and real-work skills but because it also looks ahead to that time when students join the workforce and prepares them for that time in very practical ways. From engineering to agriculture to health care, CTE moves students at our three traditional high schools within easy reach of a job or the post-secondary work they need to receive certification or a degree in a particular field.

As part of CTE Month in February, the district’s CTE students were invited to write essays about their experiences in the program and about a teacher who has been particularly influential. The first-place winners at each high school read their essays at Monday night’s meeting of the Lenoir County Board of Education. You can find that meeting on our You Tube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyDQLn34ZNI and read the winning essays below.

Haleigh Moody, Senior
South Lenoir High School

Recognizing Classroom Innovators

One of the CTE classes that I have taken is Health Science II. This class is all about health and medical information. Everything you learn in this class prepares you for any medical career.

I am also a part of the club, HOSA, which further teaches you about the health care field and teamwork skills. In HOSA we have done many projects and fundraisers such as Pennies for Patients, which taught me that helping others is also important.

In Health Science II we learned how to make a resume and cover letter, we also made a portfolio that had our resume, cover letter, and other accomplishments in it. These are necessary for most any career you apply for.

Mrs. Noble is the most innovative teacher at South Lenoir, and I am sure many other students would agree. She comes up with new ways to help us study, and remember information so it stays with us. She also applied for a grant to purchase CPR equipment, so we could get CPR certified. She received that grant and everyone in the class got certified for CPR free. We didn’t even have to pay for the cards because HOSA did.

She creates cool projects and hands on classwork similar to real world situations, to help you get a complete understanding. Mrs. Noble always asks everyone on the first day what way they learn best, and she tries to adapt the work she has to give us. Before tests and quizzes we play review games to help us one last time. She is a teacher that genuinely cares about the success of her students and has a strong passion for what she teaches.

Outside of teaching she is also a Labor and Delivery Nurse. She gives her students that truly want to go in that direction an opportunity to “shadow” her while she is working. She was the obvious choice to me for most innovative teacher. I am proud to say that I have taken all four of the classes she teaches, have learned so much, and was inspired to get a career in nursing. Out of every CTE teacher, she is the one who deserves to be recognized for all her hard work and dedication.

Jazma Streeter, Senior
Kinston High School

Recognizing Classroom Innovators

I am currently enrolled in Health Science II, which is a CTE course. This course is helping me prepare for the world of work and better preparing me for furthering my education. The need for healthcare professionals is growing every year and this course will develop more healthcare professionals.

Health Science is a high school curriculum program for students pursuing healthcare related careers after graduation. This course contributes to meeting the healthcare needs of the community by preparing students like me for healthcare careers.

My CTE teacher, Ms. Demry, is an innovator. She uses new methods, ideas, or devices to teach us. Instead of us going to a textbook we use collaborative activities and PowerPoint’s online. Ms. Demry makes learning fun and makes sure everyone gets involved. Everyone gets involved by doing internships, hosting blood drives, and by teaching other classes.

We use a ton of technology in the classroom. She lets us bring excitement to all of our projects by not just using a boring poster or tri-fold. We use popplet, glogster, and prezi to give our projects a pop. Using those innovations makes learning easier, more memorable, and more fun.

Ms. Demry is a teacher who is not afraid of trying something new. She infuses her passion into learning, tapping into students’ ideas, and using innovative tools to improve student learning.

Saweto Sutton, Senior
North Lenoir High School

Recognizing Classroom Innovators

The future belongs to young people. Speaking from a personal experience, all of my CTE courses have made me a better person in some way. I enjoy taking CTE courses because of the hands-on experience I can get from them. I know that what you learn in CTE courses will more than likely be put to work in “The Real World.”

Career Technical Education classes help you to prepare for your future. Some give you an idea of what you want to be in life, and others give you a great chance of a stepping stone to your future career. CTE courses can give you credentials and certifications. Taking classes you need, like math, English, etc. simply get you to graduate with a diploma. The CTE classes aren’t only more interesting, but they give you the skills that you need for a career. A Career Technical Education class can even get you closer to an internship. They supply you with experiences you can’t get with basic courses. They also look better on your behalf when applying to college, or a job. No person will ask “What were your grades in Science and Math?” They will ask “What type of qualifications and experience have you had?”

I have enjoyed taking CTE courses because they have all opened my eyes. Each activity I did helped me to build my confidence up; they pulled me out of my shy zone. My favorite CTE course has been Career Management. Not only did the teacher herself help to build each and everyone one of us students up, but so did the activities we did. Mrs. Thaxton showed us that she had faith in us, even when we didn’t exemplify having faith in ourselves. In Mrs. Thaxton’s class we did a lot of projects. Of course while doing them I would be thinking “This lady doesn’t cut us any type of slack!” but after completing them, I gained a lot of confidence in myself. Surprisingly, I especially enjoyed how we would have to do presentations and stand up in front of the class. Not only did my good grades build me up, but the oral presentations she would give us did too.

Altogether, I believe CTE courses are better because it shows you that you can do anything as long as you put your mind to it. They give you a better grasp of how things may be in college, or doing different careers. Being in a CTE class will make you WANT to do better and push yourself. All of the CTE courses I took opened my eyes. They have all made me want to do great things in life. Teachers like Mrs. Thaxton have really been a great inspiration to me. Not only did the courses help me to make a final decision in the goals that I want to reach, but they really “made me”. Undergoing CTE courses made me want to fix my attitude, and realize that if you try hard you will succeed. The courses taught me not to be ashamed, and to experiment around. Every activity I have done in a CTE course has had a positive effect on me, one that I don’t really open my eyes up to in a basic academic class. Any class that gives you a better view of “The Real World” is worth taking. It’s never bad to experience new things. I’m proud of every CTE course that I have taken.

Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world.
-Nelson Mandela