Plus one: adding to the math discussion

Our last post on the transformation of the math classroom preceded by a couple of days a more exhaustive look at the same subject in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine. This very good article by Elizabeth Green makes many of the same points that ECU’s Dr. Katie Schwartz made in talking to us: the old way of teaching math does not work, a better way involves helping students see how math works in the real world and it’s difficult for teachers to change their ways because they learned math the same way the rest of us did.

That said, our earlier post illustrates to what lengths LCPS teachers and administrators are going to introduce a new approach to teaching math in all our classrooms, from kindergarten to high school. The NCDPI grant that allows LCPS to team up with math, math ed and engineering professors from East Carolina University and the three years of teaching-the-teacher instruction coming out of the partnership will help transform our math classrooms.
It is true, as Ms. Green writes, that math teachers have almost as much to learn as their students. At LCPS, though, they’re focused on learning it. Here’s the NYT Magazine article: